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Gigi’s my girlfriend, right, and I needed to have a photo shoot, I needed some clothes. I called my girlfriend Gigi. I’m like, “Hey, can you help me out?” She’s like, “Sure! And not only can I help you out with styling, but I’ve got an entire crew.”

What? She’s got the makeup artist, she’s got the video production, she’s got the photographer, she’s got the hair person. Oh my god. So I walk in here, and I feel like a princess, okay? Because they are all taking care of me.

Gigi McMillan, just in case you didn’t hear the name.

Star Bobatoon, Your Content Goes Here

Gigi’s professionalism and mentorship have aided me in my professional career since 2004 and I appreciate everything that she has done for me.

Tiffany Dowe

Branding at it’s best. Kamisol Style Consultancy. The name speaks for itself! Gigi and her team are some of the best professionals I have ever worked with.

Tim Stine

I have worked with Gigi Mcmillan on several projects. She has become a friend, a collaborator, an inspirer! Her videos are dynamic, authentic, bright and fun. She gets the vision, the feels and most importantly, she gets and loves the healing community! Gigi is not just a gorgeous face (lol), high energy..when I work with her, she sees me AND she sees that we have powerful messages that need to be heard. Gigi McMillan, I can’t wait to do the video for Flood Of Light!

Rebecca Balleza Thompson, Flood of Light

Here Gigi goes doing yet another awesome thing! Gigi has vision like I’ve never experienced in person before. She’s amazing to watch! Her heart, her soul, her light, and energy peak to so many. Thank you Gigi, for all you do! I love being a part of your tribe! Love you sister?

Eileen Noller Giovia, Heal and Deal

Top notch! Gigi and the entire Kamisol team exudes excellence! Absolutely recommend!

Christopher Jenkins, Poet Life

Kamisol Consultancy is outstanding! Gigi McMillan is not only a caring professional, who through her vision and impeccable sense for style as a representation of beauty and personality has very successfully mentored some outstanding models, who I had the privilege working with as a photographer, but she has also an exceptional commitment to the community, which is reflected in her support for many causes by raising awareness for women marginalized by gender based and domestic violence and for all those who have to struggle with cancer, just to name a few. Gigi McMillan through her professional network which includes talented artists, is able to place the fashion industry and it’s important role firmly in perspective with today’s vibrant but so often conflicted aspects of society. Under her leadership, Kamisol Consultancy has evolved as a force for innovation, personal creative development, and the common social good, the Tri-State does not want to miss! I give Gigi McMillan and the Kamisol Style Consultancy my enthusiastic endorsement! 

Dr. Hans ML Spiegel

Recently, I contracted with a local photographer to refine his on line branding presence. Knowing that I could use some professional advice, I met with Gigi McMillian of Kamisol Style Consultancy. In our initial meeting, Gigi quickly analyzed the branding strategy, isolated critical issues, that are preventing business growth, and offered sound, logical, and easy to implement solutions. As a result of her keen analytical insight and sound business advice, we launched a new website that incorporates an integrated branding philosophy.

Karen Searfoss Puhl

Kamisol Style Consultancy is an overall imaging (branding) platform that I’m happy to have cross paths with. My experience with the company has been great! They really have an eye for what is hot and trendy in today’s new wave of things and the owner Gigi McMillan goes over and beyond for her clients.

Devin Ricks, Videographer

I had myself a fun and enlightening conversation with my super talented friend/sister Gigi McMillan of Kamisol Style Consultancy! Gigi is knowledgable, down to earth, and GETS what makes your style YOU! The best part was hearing how I could keep the elements I love that best express me – while at the same time turning up the vision! I now have a sense of and name for my own STYLE – so when the time comes to stretch into these big areas in my life – I’ll be ready! Gigi McMillan offers “Personal Life Style Branding” consultations and packages and can help you find the best colors and cuts for your particular body type! They say you’ve only got 7 seconds to make an impression…. make it an authentic one that reflects that Inner Beauty.

Karen Kenney

When I realized that I could only be me and the me that I am compliments my beauty! Many blessings to Gigi McMillan of Kamisol Style Consultancy for allowing me to grow into a style that matches the sincerity of my being.

Epiphany Hodges

I signed up with Kamisol Style Consultancy to propel my fashion company off of the ground. Gigi’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of the industry, along with her established connections, proved immediately fruitful. Within a few months, Gigi and her staff were able to arrange and facilitate conversations with designers and fashion artists deeply entrenched in the world of fashion helping to place my company on a definitive path to success. Based on my observation, Kamisol Style Consultancy works aggressively on behalf of their clients while always keeping their well-being and vision a top priority. Thank you, Kamisol Style Consultancy, for your dedication and professionalism.

Ahmir-Nasir Apparel LLC

Gigi McMillan, you are a True Professional! I’ve called on you several times, and you never hesitate to support causes for youth, young adults, and the community at large. Your team is always showcase-ready.

Idola Henry Gunn

Gigi is a talented professional with high integrity and passion for helping others succeed. She is a great consultant and has provided me with valuable tips and advice to take my career to the next level. Gigi is very caring for her customers and puts their needs first. I would highly recommend Gigi for her poise, attention to detail, and high level of expertise. She would be a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their personal brand.

Carmella Melton

My personal endorsement for your outstanding skill in style consultation. I learned so much yesterday that will help my personal and professional life concerning attire and what makes me feel good about me. You have a natural gift and I gladly endorse your mastery of style and communication. Now go grow that business – most everyone needs you!

Terry Beatley

I didn’t realize how much confidence I lacked until you explained to us what it really is. I reconsidered the way I dressed myself… I discovered my body type…and I am now designing my own clothes and shopping for clothing that fits ME. Thank you for everything you do. I admire you.

Doris Brown

I felt it was high time to tackle the project of organizing my walk-in closet…I reached out to Kamisol…and through a series of online consultations, I was able to streamline my closet, purge the things I didn’t need, and set up a very organized system for my clothes, makeup, etc. that I still use today. I highly recommend their services, and I’m so happy with the way my closet turned out!

Antionette Lee

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