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To create extraordinary results that are unique to our clients and identifiable by others


Kamisol Style Consultancy  provides experienced superior branding services and professional development training that is customer-centric and tailored to our clients needs.

Who We Are

Kamisol is a diverse team that blends  100-plus years of corporate, government contractors, non-profits, small businesses and military experience. Our culturally competent trainers focus on alignment at every level to meet clients’ needs where they are to get them to where they want to go, intentionally. Our team members  are dedicated to achieving results for every client that is unique to them and identifiable by others. This enables us to synthesize motivators across platforms and deliver the true meaning of Your Story Your Way.

What We Do

We empower you through our three (3) signature programs:

Style Psychology Program: highlights the importance of manner, methodology and style of personal branding for leisure and/or professional development.

Your Way Forward Intensive: Helps you anchor your brand’s voice, tone, and personality for success. Our signature formula will help you ground your brand messaging for growth to speak to your audience with ease and clarity.

Three-Tiered Training: Speaks to organizational structure, culture and mission to enhance human capital throughout operations and align with business acumen, alignment amongst teams, clarity in dress-code policies, innovative ways to engage the workforce. 

Our 3-Pillars


Our Mission reflects our client’s success.  We have: Increased visibility for our clients at over 82% and to international profits within two hours of launch We have aligned workforce development processes for political clients with a 100% satisfaction rate.  We have turned a clients profit 25% to 90% within 3 consecutive months  Connect with us on how to streamline your goals by design.

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YOUR STORY YOUR WAY Tailored Approach

We believe you are just as important as your brand because you are the brand as a new and/or experienced small business owner.  We help our customers align or restate a brand message that fosters synergy across platforms to optimize opportunities with authenticity, confidence and credibility.  Creating a story with growth at the forefront while  engaging your target audience for profitability.  

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We help businesses embrace continuous improvements by building foundations and frameworks to scale effortlessly. As a business we have increased our operational goals to serve your needs as a growing business.  Whether you are looking to grow your personal style, business structure or visual presence, our team and list of contractors can help your vision come to life.  Connect with us for a complimentary diagnostic call to begin your journey by design. 

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Our Services

Personal Branding

Kamisol provides personal image consulting services for individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners by helping them realign and restate a personal and/or professional brand that is unique to them and identifiable by others.

Professional Branding 

Kamisol helps entrepreneurs and small entities create a cohesive story from the inside-out to help communicate the vision and bring it to life. Our services include pre-production, production and post-production by design.

gigi mcmillan coaching people on branding

Workforce  Development

The Kamisol team helps businesses create, implement, and expand robust diversity and inclusion goals across sectors by providing customized educational strategies for internal and operational success.

Government Contracting

As an approved government contractor we aid agencies with aligning professional development strategies with our three-tier customized training according to the unique focused areas of need.

Our Clients

Your Personal and Professional Branding Coach On Call

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