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Welcome, ambitious professional!

Are you ready to take control of your career and elevate your position to new heights? It’s time to invest in your personal and lifestyle goals.

Your personal messaging is a powerful tool that, when developed effectively, can propel you towards prosperity. Beyond your existing confidence, competence, and passion lies the key to unlocking your full potential.

Discovering your authentic style goes far beyond simply changing your wardrobe. It’s about uncovering your best colors, ideal clothing cuts, dominant style type, and even your alter ego. It’s about crafting signature looks that speak volumes both professionally and personally.

The great news? You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. As your personal branding coach, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we’ll redefine your personal style and pave the way for your success, comfort, and confidence. Let’s embark on this transformational journey together.

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Our personal branding services meet you where you’re at and put you on the path to nailing your visual presence.

So, if you’re ready to improve today so you can excel tomorrow, we are ready to help you!


RESTATE – The Book of YOU – Style Psychology

Transformational Program (20 Minute Planning)

Where do you start when you are ready to build YOUR personal style or re-brand yourself?
We have curated a selection of image consulting services that ease you into the process of perfecting your personal brand. These packages are just what you need to avoid feeling overwhelmed with shopping and dressing according to your style type!

Color Harmony Analysis Package

Find Your Confidence-Boosting Colors

A Personal Color Analysis is the way to find harmony for your most harmonious color pallet for every season by determining your dominant and secondary characteristics to determine if you hold warm or cooler tones naturally. 

The benefits of identifying your best colors for your unique lifestyle, personality and success goals will give you a natural glow, save money by having an ability to shop intentionally, declutter and discard items within your wardrobe and streamline your closet for day to day success for leisure and work.

Virtual Closet Cleanse

Maintaining YOUR closet can be a daunting task when you do not know where to start.

Our 90-Minute virtual Closet Cleanse provides support to help anchor your wardrobe  for intentionality and a fresh start to begin to create the signature style you have envisioned.

Our Virtual Closet  sessions will give you personalized guidance from Gigi with pre-work to set the stage, a road map that will identify the goals you want to achieve, help to lay the groundwork for your life goals and provide a roadmap on additional growth to know exactly how to conquer your sartorial fears.

Style Psychology®

Are You In A Style Rut?

Our Style Psychology® Transformation System includes our most essential styling services designed specifically with YOU in mind. Our program helps YOU:

Understand personal and imaging hacks that will allow you to dress your truth day to day

Remove and dilute baggage and barriers in your wardrobe

Help you define a cohesive shopping strategy that works for your lifestyle

Creating form and function for any occasion

Connect your inner confident to your visual presence effortlessly 

Our Style Psychology transformational Series will also help you…

These expansive services infuse your unique physique, inherent colors, clothing designs, and signature style with impact. With these services, you can target the areas of your personal brand that need the most attention. Then, you’ll have the formula for knowing EXACTLY what your distinctive style archetype for leisure or work is.
These packages are curated with YOU in mind so you can target the areas of your personal brand that need the most attention. Then, you’ll have the formula for knowing EXACTLY what your distinctive style archetype for leisure or work is.

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