Client Intake

For Virtual Style Services

A Note from Your Personal Stylist

Congratulations on investing in yourself ! Get ready to see yourself as the work of art that you are – and how to grow towards your full potential. Together we’ll discover your best style so you feel confident, authentic, and beautiful.

The following intake survey will help us to get clear on your goals, and challenges and discover your authentic style. By completing this in advance, you will be better prepared to get the most out of your consultation.


  • Invisible
    Tries to blend in as much as possible and dress so as not to be noticed

  • Clueless
    Wants to work with what they’ve got but just doesn’t know how

  • Quester
    Always searching, always buying, and never satisfied

  • 1-Look Wonder
    Have found a look that works and wears it all the time

  • Miracle-Maker
    Every now and then looks fabulous, but doesn’t know how to re-create it

  • Celebrator
    Enjoys beauty and able to put together a strong look most of the time

  • Artist
    Knows what beauty is and how to create it-Inspire others

How to measure for women’s clothing

When measuring yourself for a piece of women’s clothing, the most important measurements to take are bust, waist,
and hip circumference, as well as the inseam length for pants.

  • Bust
    Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap it around going under your armpits
    and shoulder blades back to the front. Keep the tape snug but not too tight.

  • Tummy
     If you have a full tummy, measure at the widest point. If the garment’s hip measurement is narrower than
    the tummy width, the garment may be too small.

  • Waist
    Wrap the tape measure around your natural waistline, which is located about 2 inches (5 cm) above your belly
    button. To check, bend to one side – the crease that forms is your natural waistline. Don’t suck in your stomach as
    this will give you inaccurate results.

  • Hip
    Stand straight with your feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks, about 8
    inches (20 cm) below your waist. Use a mirror to make sure the tape is as level as possible. You can also take
    measurements of your thigh by locating the fullest part of your thigh and wrapping the tape measure around from
    front to back.

  • Inseam
    Inseam is the distance from the uppermost inner part of your thigh to the bottom of your ankle. You can
    cheat by measuring the distance from the crotch to the hem of a favorite and best-fitting pair of pants you already

  • High Hip
    If you have a high hip “shelf” just below your waist, and if this area is wider than the low hip, you need to
    have that measurement. If the garment’s hip measurement is narrower than the high hip width, the garment may be
    too small.

Choose your style from the above list
Examples: Elegant. Chic , Classic , Artistic , Relevant , Professional , Friendly , Creative , Powerful , Sweet, Romantic, Efficient , Simple , Unexpected , Dramtic , Colorful , Feminine .
Examples: Credible, Powerful , Reliable , Creative, Approachable, Efficient , Trustworthy , Knoweldgeable, Energetic , Friendly , Polished, Stylish , Elegant , Eccentic , Refined, Confident , Artistic , Glamourous, Relevant, Cooporate
Examples: Wardrobe , Accessories , Hair, Makeup , Shoe, Other...
If you will have Personal Shopping services , please fill your sizes and measurements here
On the following pages, follow the instructions to upload pictures of yourself and other images that will help guide your best style

  • -> A full length photo of your that represents how you look all the time
  • -> A chest up photo of yourself that represents how you look most of the time
  • -> 1-3 photos of you wearing your favourite outfits
  • -> Image of clothing style you LOVE
  • -> Images of clothing style you would never wear