Are you stuck in a style rut? 

  • Are you uninspired by your wardrobe of out of control items that do not seem to cross-function with too much of anything?
  • Have you made a life shift or started a new career in the near future?
  • Are you a business owner and want to align with who you are and how you do it?
  • Are you a business owner who wants to elevate your presence on and off digital channels for increased confidence in any environment?

Our Style Psychology Transformation Bundle is YOURS for just:

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If these statements describe you, my Style Psychology Signature Transformational System will help you transform and revitalize your presence from the inside-out. 

As we know, any type of transformation takes time and does not happen overnight. 

Learning who we are and how we do it is what makes us unique and increases our individuality, self expression, opportunities, and intentional confidence.

During my eight-week course you will learn how to create the YOU that you always dreamed of and will realize YOU are the most important project in your life.  

Self-care happens in so many ways and finding how to communicate non-verbally will increase how you feel and ignite positive energy day to day.  

My Style Psychology Signature Transformational System has been built to support your individualized programming needs both personally and professionally and you will walk away with knowing more about:


Week – 1
Behind the Profile: Mindset Mastery, change begins within, and the power of presence

Week – 2
Lifestyle mapping, body language, and the right algorithm

Week – 3
Embracing YOUR worth with prioritization strategies – how to reclaim your time

Week – 4
Purging baggage and barriers in YOUR wardrobe

Week – 5
Pinpointing YOUR personal style identifiers

Week – 6
Assigning YOUR individualized dynamic woman type/s intentionally for alignment

Week – 7
Elements of Style: Intentional Colors and Body Balancing

Week – 8
Shopping YOUR style with the Book of YOU


  • Pre-work to help prepare you for your personalized journey
  • Quizzes to help you explore your personality
  • Exercises to identify blind spots and not shop for sport
  • Digital color pallets that are personalized to your inherent formula
  • Establish your color values season to season to feel good daily
  • Tips on how to align wardrobe choices for better functionality tips
  • Wardrobe Planner to keep you on track
  • Confidence with building methods to build on your GPS (Great Personal Style) and non-verbal messaging


  • Weekly Zoom Calls to keep you on track
  • Added to our Facebook Community for support and growth
  • Virtual Shopping Trips
  • Added to our email list for updates throughout the year
  • Discount on our Style Psychology candles with self-care scents to keep you balanced
  • Discounts on a personal or professional photoshoot with our resident photographer and video team (where applicable)
  • 30-minute makeup sessions with our resident artist
  • 30 minutes hair coaching session with our resident designer

Get your Style Psychology Transformation Bundle now!

Original price was: $905.00.Current price is: $795.00.Add to cart