We all know how important staying home and minimizing our interactions with others have been this past year. But we also know how challenging the restrictions on our social lives have been to our emotional, physical, and mental well-being. As a result, many of us turned to TV, movies, and social media to ignore our solitude, but those escapes rarely afford lasting satisfaction. Yet, one woman saw the impetus to social distance as an opportunity to embark on a brand-new business venture. That woman was April Graves, and her bright idea that’s illuminating life in the midst of a dark pandemic is Sealed with a Kiss Parties. Because one of our missions here at Kamisol Style Consultancy is highlighting women-owned small businesses, we’d like to introduce Graves and share her inspiring story. 

Your Mistress of Events

Sometimes, something comes so naturally to us that we don’t realize how valuable that innate skill is. Thankfully, that was not the case with Graves. Though it did take some time, she eventually discovered that the superb party planning she’s been participating in since childhood is one of her deepest passions.

Graves explains that her mother worked as an event coordinator and passed her knowledge of party planning down to her daughter. When she was young, Graves’ mother taught her how to delineate detailed plans for special events, decorate for elegant parties, curate thoughtful gift baskets, and wrap presents like a professional. Later, Graves used her talents to plan her own wedding, organize baby showers for friends and family, and throw exciting birthday parties for her four children.

Then, over the last few years, Graves gave herself permission to think about what she wanted in life and how she could round out her search for fulfillment. In the process of taking time for herself and looking inward, she determined that offering her party planning services to the rest of the world would make both herself and others happy. So, she relied on her additional experience with fashion, photography, marketing, and advertising to create Sealed with a Kiss Parties by April Dawn in March of 2020.

And she launched her business specializing in leisure at the perfect time, as a global pandemic had just begun. Soon enough, we would all be looking for a means to bring levity, laughter, and love back into our lives, and Sealed with a Kiss Parties provides just that!

Your Resource for Effortless Self-Care

The products Sealed with a Kiss sells enable you to pamper your best friend, sister, mother, or yourself! Graves has carefully considered which self-care goodies we need most these days and tucked those items into beautiful gift boxes.

Thanks to Graves’ newfound expertise in loving and nurturing yourself, she’s providing luxuries like long silk robes, cushy sleep masks, and classy crystal glasses in her gift boxes. Not only has she wisely selected quality pieces, but she’s also customized them with sparkly, stylish details.

Her product images prove that these gift boxes are indeed a treat to receive, and the rave reviews of recent customers reiterate the value of taking time for yourself with the help of Sealed with a Kiss.

Your Shining Example of Self-Sufficiency

Graves spent so much of her time giving to others that she identified her dream job a little later in life. But now, she’s here to demonstrate that the path to your best life leads through some much-needed me-time. By penciling in a little self-care, Graves pinpointed her passion, built a unique, relevant business, and improved her health. When we follow her example, we can have the same life-changing impact on our happiness and success.

We look forward to learning more about Graves’ success with Sealed with a Kiss soon. But in the meantime, you can use this information about Sealed with a Kiss to support a women-owned small business and nurture your mind, body, and soul. Visit Graves’s website to learn more about her services, then email her to have some fun that’s Sealed with a Kiss!