Celebrating the present, despite the fact that you might have gone through some hard times in the past, helps to ensure good times in the future. And you can get everything you need for the perfect celebration from Sealed With A Kiss Parties by April Dawn.

In a previous post, we introduced April Graves, owner of Sealed With A Kiss Parties by April Dawn, to highlight her expertise in professional party planning and sustaining self-care. So you can take advantage of Graves’ talents by experiencing fun parties and personal pampering, we want to share with you the exciting products Sealed With A Kiss provides.

Effortless and Indulgent Party Services

Sealed With A Kiss’s party services are brilliant because they are all-inclusive, accessible, and thoroughly accommodating. Let’s be honest: we’ve all endured enough to deserve a little TLC. Conscious self-care is crucial to our personal preservation, and Sealed With A Kiss Parties affords several opportunities to sit back, relax, and smile.

Specifically, Graves’ company focuses on three distinct services: gift boxes, parties in a box, and themed parties, all of which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

Great Gift Boxes

A gift box from Sealed With A Kiss is the perfect present for your mother, sister, best friend, or even yourself! These gift boxes can contain tasty snacks, sentimental home accessories, or everything you need for a personal spa day. And Sealed With A Kiss will deliver them for you!

For example, surprises you might find inside a Sealed With A Kiss gift box include a cushy sleep mask, an embellished crystal glass, a light, silky robe, and a pretty little pocket mirror.

A Complete Party in a Box

If you’ve been dying to party but don’t have the time or energy to plan all the details, then you’ll love a party in a box from Sealed With A Kiss . A party in a box includes decorations, food, supplies, favors, and more. Sharing a Sealed With A Kiss party in a box is a wonderful way to make tons of positive new memories with seven of your closest friends, all done for you.

To receive your party in a box, just tell Sealed With A Kiss  the theme and the colors you want and let them take care of the rest! They’ll address each area and pack your box with all the essentials for an outstanding, memorable and effortless party. 

Splendid Themed Parties

Finally, Sealed With A Kiss  coordinates themed parties that serve as the ideal escape for you and your besties. These themes include:

Champagne Nights

As you know, champagne is shiny, shimmery, and effervescent, and you’ll be as well during this themed party from Sealed With A Kiss!

To radiate your inner glow during your Champagne Nights party, start by slipping into your most stunning gown. Then, venture over to the luxury beauty bar (included in all themed parties) where you can layer on makeup, body sprays, lotions, and more.

Once you’re sparkling from head to toe, you can nosh on decadent treats and, of course, sip some non-alcoholic champagne! With this themed party package, you’ll also receive a game, gift certificates, favors, and more. 

Denim and Diamonds

Do you want to sparkle but feel totally comfortable while doing it? Then you’ll appreciate the Denim and Diamonds party theme from Sealed With A Kiss.

For this party theme, you can wear your favorite denim jeans, jacket, skirt, etc., and top it off with tons of bling! Then, you can further frost yourself with glittery makeup, lotions, body sprays and more at the luxury beauty bar.

Once you’re sporting the ideal combination of casual and classy attire, you can snack on plenty of chocolate-covered strawberries! This themed party package also includes games, gifts, gift certificates, and more.

Sweet Escape

Sometimes, you just want to get away so you can be yourself. Thankfully, with a Sweet Escape party from Sealed With A Kiss , you can take a sumptuous vacation without leaving the house!

To embark on your Sweet Escape, you should don a truly unique and inspired outfit. So, have fun with your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to take a few fashion risks! Then, once you’ve expressed yourself, bedazzle yourself with makeup, body lotions, and body sprays at the beauty bar.

At last, dip into a myriad of tasty morsels (like creamy cheesecake) into the chocolate fondue fountain so that you can be transported to a sugary heaven! And don’t forget about the games, gift certificates, gifts, and more that also come with this themed party package!

Living Lavish

Sometimes, as much as you love your leggings, you start to think that you can only wear athleisure for so long. It is time to throw a Lavish Living party from Sealed With A Kiss  so that you have an excuse to dress up again.

So, outfit yourself with your most sophisticated garments. Then, color your kisser and the rest of your glorious face at the luxury beauty bar. Last but not least, play the game and open up all the guest and hostess gifts Sealed With A Kiss  supplies in their themed party packages. At that point, you’ll really be living lavishly!

Custom Themes and Package Add-ons

If none of the predetermined themes are your cup of tea, then you can dream up your own theme. You can also add the services of a photographer and/or makeup artist as well as the use of photo props to your party theme. Then, the next step is to let Sealed With A Kiss  get to work arranging your amazing party. They’ll do it all so that you and your friends can experience a fantasy world without lifting a finger! 

Your Go-To for Good Times

We all need to have fun on occasion. Thankfully, Sealed With A Kiss Parties by April Dawn creates those occasions for us. What’s more, they handle every aspect of party planning so that trying to have fun doesn’t stress you out! Are you ready to savor some much needed me-time with your favorite people or all by yourself? Then visit the Sealed With A Kiss website to learn more and to book your party. Next, email April Dawn to ensure that your festivities are Sealed With A Kiss!