As many of you already know, Kamisol Style Consultancy is in the image consulting business. It is our mission to help women identify and live by their Style Psychology™ so they can reach the level of success they desire to elevate their lives. But we are not in the image consulting industry alone. We are a proud part of a group of image consultants who work together to refine the consulting process and improve the client experience. One such image consultant who we consider a team member is Rebecca Doster.

Doster is the Executive Director of ByFERIAL, a founding ambassador and mentor at The Empower Group, and a Certified Image Consultant with her own consulting firm. Kamisol has been working with Doster for many months now, but we sat down with her for an interview to highlight her gracious personality, outstanding professionalism, and important position in the field of image consulting. We also discuss the upcoming AICI conference as well as the power of imagery.

If you’re interested in image consulting and the opportunities it affords, then watch the video below. If you’d like to learn more about Doster’s work with ByFERIAL, visit her website, her LinkedIn profile, or the ByFERIAL website.