In a previous article, we introduced you to Owana Lima, the inspirational woman behind the exciting brand Nicteel by Owana Lima. Kamisol Style Consultancy is elated to support Nicteel by focusing on its amazing founder, as shining a spotlight on up and coming women-owned companies is an important part of our mission. However, our relationship with Nicteel extends beyond just one blog article. We have actually collaborated with Lima on several projects, to include a recorded interview with her and our Founder/CCO.

You’ll find the video of that interview below. In it, Kamisol Style Consultancy’s CCO, image consultant, and Style Psychologycurator Gigi McMillan talks with Lima about the inspiration behind her brand, the ethical processes of her company, the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry, and more. Lima is an incredibly humble and gracious designer, and her handiwork is exquisite. We deeply enjoyed our conversation with Lima, and we learned so much about her and her company.

To learn more about the stunning pieces, driving principles, and innovative practices of Nicteel by Owana Lima, click play on the video below. And, to see more of Lima’s exquisite work and select your own statement clothing item or accessory, visit Nicteel’s website, Instagram page, or Facebook page.