Louis Comfort Tiffany once said, “Color is to the eye what music is to the ear.” The implication of this comparison is that, just like music, colors tell us stories, target our emotions, and touch our souls. Interaction with color is important for cultivating creativity, calm, and confidence within us. And if anyone understands that, it’s Owana Lima.

Lima is the designer behind clothing and accessories brand Nicteel by Owana Lima. In a previous post, we introduced Lima and revealed her vision, inspiration, goals, and priorities for her company. Now, we’d like to highlight the bold and beautiful pieces Lima produces so that you can bring some exciting and eye-catching Nicteel fashion into your life.

The Vibrancy of Nicteel’s Products

Nicteel’s wares include luxury clothing, bags, and accessories handmade using artisanal techniques. In order to make her pieces sustainable, Lima ensures that her designs utilize recycled fabrics and are embellished with natural materials. She also views each of her products as an opportunity to showcase Guatemalan textiles and craftsmanship.

Consequently, Nicteel pieces are known for featuring captivating patterns in popping colors. These patterns may appear on the sides of a petite handbag, the sleeves of a structured top, the entirety of a tailored jacket, or the folds of a floor-length skirt. These patterns comprise colors such as golden yellow, hot pink, emerald green, and cobalt blue.  

When a Nicteel gown or clutch isn’t cut from a patterned fabric, it’s often draped from shimmery satins, sheer organza, or supple leather. Nicteel garments and purses may also contain dramatic lace, exuberant ruffles, gleaming hardware, or a touch of fringe.

The Versatility of Nicteel’s Products

For instance, a corset top could be worn alone or under a blazer. A blouse with flounces could pair just as well with jeans as a skirt. A A lace dress would pair well with heels or flats.

A cosmetics bag could become a crossbody bag while traveling. You could take a tote with you for an evening meal at a nice restaurant or for a morning stroll through a farmer’s market.

For Kamisol Style’s Chief Creative Officer and image consultant, Gigi for one, likes to sling her Nicteel clutch with a pair of tan Tracy Reese wide leg pants.

The handbags are no less multipurpose. An oversized leather bag with embroidery could serve as a brief case or a beach bag. And for traveling the brilliantly fashioned tote serves as a computer bag for the savvy traveler.

The Chicest Way to Wear Every Color

Wearing the right colors enables us to express our true selves and demonstrate our impressive skills. When you dress in the best colors for you, you can increase your self-assurance and secure your success. Nicteel by Owana Lima is an essential source of radiant, rainbow-hued clothes and accessories, so don’t try to live without these pieces any longer. Check out Lima’s latest collections on the Nicteel website, Facebook page, or Instagram page to find your own colorful, sustainable couture today!