Do you know your “GPS”? No, I’m not talking about the Global Positioning System that helps you navigate the roads. I’m talking about your Great Personal Style direction.

For instance, just like how a GPS helps you navigate from where you are to where you’re going, your GPS can guide you toward your unique style. It’s about finding your way toward a personal style that reflects your personality, values, and interests.

Like navigating the roads, finding your style can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many styles and trends, and it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where a search for your unique style comes in.

Think of it as a compass that helps you navigate within your GPS.

Your Great Personal Style Finder is a tool that lets you stay on track even when the fashion winds constantly change.

(Photo: Neil Adams Photography)

So, how do you find your unique Wayfinder?  I’m glad you asked. It starts by asking yourself a few questions.

1.  What do you love about your current wardrobe?

2.  What makes you feel confident and comfortable?
3.  What styles or trends have you always been drawn to?

Moreover, you can build your unique way once we understand our distinct essence. This might mean creating a vision board of inspiration, curating a Pinterest board of outfits you love, or just keeping a journal of your favorite fashion moments.

Finding your GPS and creating a unique presence takes time and effort. But with patience and perseverance, you can navigate towards an authentic message that speaks to you daily.

So, do you know your GPS?

Given these points, this upcoming season is a great time to explore and find your unique way toward a great personal style direction. And, if you need help figuring out all the things to help get you there, sign up for a balanced analysis here with me: