Day 3 – Body Message

Now that we have identified the parts of our body that we, aren’t pleased with along with those parts we love it is time to create a new message to our bodies in this sequence:


  •  I am (beyond good enough, brave, beautiful, perfectly imperfect, a masterpiece, gorgeous, amazing…)
  •  I am (here, irreplaceable, beautiful, the way, the future, the brand)
  •  I will (discern wisely, make my words matter, speak life into myself day after day, I will call in my support when I am losing the mental battle)
  •  I am (Enough, Conqueror, Real One, Boss, Leader, Example)

These will become your personal mantra/message/anthem for this 21-day challenge.

We will be using these a lot in the days ahead. Memorize your personal mantra / message / anthem YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF!

It is important that these words are yours! There is no better mantra/message/anthem that will work for you because you have looked at the details and invested the past three days creating your personal stance in the world.

When you wake up – say it

When you are in the middle of the day – speak it

When you are walking past a mirror walk it.

When you are uncomfortable – breathe it

When you are unsure – feel it

When the self criticism begins .. STOP it in its tracks by speaking your mantra/message/anthem aloud in your head or into the atmosphere.

Every time you do this you win and soon enough you will look back and say I conquered that hurdle. The more you stop yourself when the criticism starts and replace it with the mantra you will begin to realize that the criticisms have subsided. Isn’t that a beautiful thing!

If you are unable to step into your mantra/message/anthem at this point and commit to using it as your super-power over the next 18 days then send me a message directly so we can work you through this hurdle email us at:

Next steps I’m ready!

To prepare you for tomorrow please watch this video of expression: My Butterfly ANTHEM