Day 1 – Body Awareness

Welcome to the 21-Day Challenge.

We are so happy you have chosen to be here to help yourself and other community members feel amazing as a collective as we explore our body, voice, and spirit together, uniquely and simultaneously.

Today is our first day of this challenge.

All we ask of you is that you dedicate the time to commit to being present to and for you until completion.

Over the years, I had to learn how to be patient with myself while making intentional cognitive shifts to help me overcome fear, trauma, and anxiety.  I had to tap into the best of SHE and HER to create those amazing positive changes day to day for greater results in my wellness and overall lifestyle goals, and guess what

They have helped me remove fear and become faithful and dedicated, and inspired by what I have learned…

I hope my journey to self-awareness, understanding, love, and authenticity can help you just that much more while we journey together within our next ah-ha moment of becoming…

With this in mind, there is no easy way to get started but to get started.

Exercise: Please rate yourself, on a scale from 1 to 5, how happy are you with your body silhouette in its current state?

Rating: Use the following while rating: (1) I am not pleased with my body in its current state at all to (5) I love everything about my silhouette.

Writing Assignment:  What are the three critical messages you repeat to yourself over and over again?

Example: I dislike my arms; they lack tone. I (struggle with/feel disconnected from/ or despise) my _________ and why I do not like to wear _________.

Once you have completed the challenge, take your answers and read them aloud in front of the mirror with the voice you use in your head.

That’s it — You are done for today!

We will see you tomorrow for Day 2.