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Color harmony is a concept that refers to the combination of colors in a way that creates an aesthetically pleasing visual effect. Color harmony can be used to describe the relationships between two or more colors, or the relationship between tones, and shades of a color.

There are different ways to create color harmony in fashion design. One common method is analogous color combinations, which are adjacent to each other on the wheel. On the other hand, a complementary color scheme uses colors on opposite sides of the color wheel.

In the context of color harmony, it’s important for designers and even ourselves to consider the psychology of color and how it creates overall balance in our daily wear. Different hues can have different effects on people’s moods, making them feel warm, cool, calm, or energized.

People may also have different associations with color based on cultural influences.

For example, some cultures associate certain colors with good fortune and others with misfortune. This should be an important consideration when designing or vacationing in international markets to show respect.

Let’s take a look deeper at Navy Blue:

NAVY BLUE Color Harmony

For instance, navy blue is a color of trust and loyalty. It inspires confidence, strength, and security.  Likewise, it can evoke feelings of serenity and calm.

Is the Color NAVY for YOU?

 Yes, because it’s considered a universal hue and pairs with many skin tones effortlessly.

Here are our top three ways navy-blue can be worn while speaking to three distinctive moods for the wearer.

  1. Monochromatic:  

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A suit represents reliability, style, and sophistication and infers personal values especially when the suit is tailored to the wearer.  What makes a navy suit appealing is the confident energy and authority it brings to the wearer and the onlookers who find the aesthetic appealing. 

Finding the right details including fabrication, depth of hue, shape, and style are all opportunities that speak to the “who you are and how you do it”. I love the black piped details for the present-day flair it embodies.  This combination exudes conservative and reserved appeal intentionally.

2. Nautical:

Image Source:  Auleta Shot Shu Pei Qin and Tian Yi for Vogue China

Nautical flair has been a go-to style that has been around since the 19th century and still going strong.  

Over the years, this maritime look has evolved into a more modern and less expected in many ways. Creating numerous directions navy blue continues to evolve in style. Its grounded strength creates interesting vibrancy, and sophistication for sea outings, yachting adventures, and modern-day lifestyles.

This Nantucket notable is known for consistent luxury leisure and a modernly chic glow simultaneously.  Although, nautical energy comes in other colors Navy-Blue specifically radiates serenity when paired with white for a clean-cut vibe and a spot-on fit.

3. Bohemian Style 

Image Source – V-Chic

Bohemian lifestyle dressing embodies a positive, playful, and easy-going touch with the warmth of a summer’s breeze in tow, but all year round.

Boho design appeal has made its rounds and has appeared in home decor magazines, and design concepts more often since 2020 because the style has inspired feelings of ease, peace, and tranquility. With this look, you get the best of both worlds; a spirited yet reserved print with an approachable ora all in one.

For that reason, and while shopping for the vibe, I found this dress at V Chic. 

An affordable, bold printed, floral balloon sleeved effortless unconventional gem.  

The style and cut alone breathe a sense of approachability, and uncomplicated à la mode.  Similarly, the bohemian code speaks to a love of leisurely days and nights with intention – love it!

Final Thoughts

First, it’s safe to say that navy blue is a color that has been engendered by the fashion industry for many years for both men and women and it’s not going anywhere.

Second, navy really works for those who prefer to not be overly flashy in their design choices yet have enough sway to evolve, and third, take some time to plan your own color analysis to find your personal colors with room to grow. If you need help finding your unique color pallet I welcome you to contact us at 

For more on navy-blue check out our Wardrobe Wednesday Navy-Blue Color Harmony VIDEO for further insight on how this universal color can become a staple in your wardrobe with an intentional opulence to help shape the beauty of YOU.

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