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This 90-minute closet cleanse with Gigi during the virtual consultation she will help you eliminate the baggage and barriers to help streamline and create a cohesive message with the items you currently own via Zoom.  Before the session you will receive:

  • Pre-work to help prepare you for your personalized journey
  • Quizzes to help you explore your personality
  • Exercises to identify blind spots and not shop for sport

During your live diagnostic session Gigi will:

  • Demonstrates how to determine what stays and what goes
  • Provides a wrap up email outlining the highlights from your session
  • Recommendations to help keep you on the right track 

The Virtual Closet Is Yours for JUST:

As high-achieving individuals we know the power of presence well.  Yet if our closet and our wardrobe choices that lie within are out of alignment our days begin disheveled and leaves us not feeling our best, often.  OUr days become mundane.  OUr confidence becomes blah and our effort over time begins to vanish. Personally we do not want this for ourselves so taking action before these behaviors take hold let me help you with an overhaul like never before.

By streamlining YOUR wardrobe options this will help with knowing where we are and helps generate a great way forward towards identifying YOUR own GPS (Great Personal Style) with items of clothing you currently have and a great start to a more refined you!

During our session I will help you find the hidden path and the message you are trying to convey with precision. In turn, anchoring the right style-language that fits your personality, career goals and overall lifestyle for self-care and intentional confidence awareness.  I like to call this my F.L.O.W. (For Leisure or Work) framework.

Closet Cleansing is a self-care practice and like anything else it begins with a strategy and identifying a plan to get where YOU see yourself.

Having tools to take a new approach by living simply can start in your closet and knowing the jewels YOU have within while eliminating dislikes to see a better way to define, refine and improve your visual image and non-verbal messaging. 

Your closet has stories and the goal with shopping YOUR closet as is, will help lead you to crafting YOUR way to a trademark look with room for growth.

The Virtual Closet Process is Simple:

  1. Select and purchase the Virtual Closet Consultation.
  2. Check your inbox for an email explaining the next steps. (if you not there check your SPAM)
  3. Complete the client intake form
  4. You will receive a link to schedule your 90-minute session.
  5. After your session you will receive a wrap-up email summarizing the details of your consultation within 2-days for your review.

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