One of the best actions we can take for a better mind, body, and overall health is to get the proper sleep each night to help rejuvenate the body and eliminate mind fog.

An effective routine will not look the same for most, but several techniques here will help you find and create one that will work for you and your self-care journey.

  1. Deep breathing exercises can help train your body to wind down and regulate your system before sleeping. It lets your body know instinctively that you are showing up for yourself.  In return, you will feel more relaxed and rested, a great way to manage stress throughout the day.  So take time and create a bedtime routine; over time, you will feel the transformation of love within your body speaking to you and accepting the oneness and closure of each day.
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is an exercise to reduce anxiety and stress in your body; according to the University of Toledo, when we address physical symptoms directly, we free up mental energy to manage other symptoms. This easy-to-follow relaxation exercise will help you release tension, anxiety,  or insomnia right before bedtime for a more restful sleep.

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Practicing guided imagery or visualization session for 15 to 20 minutes before bedtime can give you a sense of calm, serenity, and peace for a more restful night.  I sometimes struggle with quieting my mind, and a guided meditation or visualization session before bed can help me focus without doing the work alone.

Try a new exercise each night of the week to add variety to your bedtime routine and keep it interesting.  Remember, when we focus on stress, our body remains tense even during the night, but when we focus on pleasant, joyful moments in time, our body appreciates it.

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Yoga or gentle stretching are great ways to dive into the body right before bed.  Stretching can be seen as a way to prepare for sleep and is equally valuable for the body.  Light and gentle movement is always an excellent way to take alleviate tension.  Committing to yoga will help you increase your flexibility and energy while increasing muscle strength and tone and helps to maintain a balanced metabolism at any age.

Set a regular sleep schedule and stick to it.  I’m sure we can agree the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life can get a bit much at times, so it is essential to keep a routine and a schedule.  Getting adequate sleep can lower the risk of severe health problems like diabetes and heart disease, according to the U.S. Department of Health. So find time to allow yourself to think more clearly at work or school. Keep your room dark, quiet, and cool with a comfortable mattress and pillows for a simulated hotel experience nightly.

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One of the biggest takeaways is to find, seek and invest in the personalized style strategies that help you create the best you possible.

By implementing growth changes, you can reach the heights you envision for your life, and caring for yourself starts with changing behaviors in small ways that will add to significant changes.

What nighttime routines have you invested in that others can benefit from?  Sound off below; we would love to learn new ways to care for ourselves from you!