Best Style For Your body Silhouette

A Note from Your Personal Stylist

Are you ready to step into greater confidence and ease?
This consultation will give you greater clarity when it comes to getting dressed, choosing outfits, and feeling great. I am honored to support you on your style journey.

Gigi McMillan


  • Invisible
    Tries to blend in as much as possible and dress so as not to be noticed

  • Clueless
    Wants to work with what they’ve got but just doesn’t know how

  • Quester
    Always searching, always buying, and never satisfied

  • 1-Look Wonder
    Have found a look that works and wears it all the time

  • Miracle-Maker
    Every now and then looks fabulous, but doesn’t know how to re-create it

  • Celebrator
    Enjoys beauty and able to put together a strong look most of the time

  • Artist
    Knows what beauty is and how to create it-Inspire others

Choose your style from the above list
Examples: Elegant. Chic , Classic , Artistic , Relevant , Professional , Friendly , Creative , Powerful , Sweet, Romantic, Efficient , Simple , Unexpected , Dramtic , Colorful , Feminine .
Examples: Credible, Powerful , Reliable , Creative, Approachable, Efficient , Trustworthy , Knoweldgeable, Energetic , Friendly , Polished, Stylish , Elegant , Eccentic , Refined, Confident , Artistic , Glamourous, Relevant, Cooporate
Examples: Wardrobe , Accessories , Hair, Makeup , Shoe, Other...
Jackets, Blazzers or knit cardigans
Dresses or top/skirt combos
Dresses or top/skirt combos

Send 1-2 of each. Your Personal Stylist will review and send feedback for what;s working and what can be improved to make you shine