A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture doesn’t allow you to choose the words others infer from it.

Therefore, in order to pair high-quality images with the exact statement you want to make about yourself, you need a professional video.

Video enables you to craft a perfect representation of yourself and your company, so video is the ideal stand-in for an excellent first impression.

Media Support Services

With a full team of video, photography, and animation experts, we offer the following media services.

Promotional Videos

A promotional video is just what your business requires to reach the next level of success. And our team of talented videographers is ready to develop a video about your business that is sure to blow people’s minds.


Due to the fact that TV advertisement time is so valuable, commercials are a pretty big deal. Consequently, you should only trust your commercial to a team of videographers that possess the tools, knowledge, and dedication required to make something truly amazing. Thankfully, Kamisol has that team.

Social Media Videos

To keep up with the times, your business has to be on social media. And to keep up with social media, your business accounts must feature videos. Making successful social media videos is a tricky process, but our team is fully equipped with the skills to ensure your video earns all the likes and loves.

Website Videos

The many benefits of presenting videos on your website include improving the user experience and increasing your traffic. And nothing is standing in the way of you reaping those benefits because our team has the ability to produce fun, engaging, informative, and polished website videos that you can post with pride.

Video Coverage of Events & Galas

Red-carpet events and galas often contain a wall of press, but you can’t take any chances with your big day. So, to ensure that it gets all of the attention it deserves, let our team use their experience with leaders in the fashion industry to provide you with premium footage of your event.

Video Editing

If you have raw video that demands an expert hand to get it ready for its big debut, then you’ll appreciate that our video editing services are available upon request. Additionally, you’ll find that video editing is standard in each of our video production packages.

Ready to get the cameras rolling?


Special Components of Our Specific Packages

To help you determine exactly which video package you need, we’ve listed some of the most important elements found within each package.

Corporate Videos

  • 2 cameras
  • A Dedicated Coordinator (DC)
  • 4-k quality photography coverage
  • The professional look you need to enhance your digital presence

Small Business Videos

  • Professional lighting and sound
  • The option to keep the raw content
  • Video editing
  • Everything needed to film events, interviews, and testimonials

Animated Videos

  • Custom logo and animations
  • Explainer content
  • Voiceovers
  • The relevant aesthetics required to thrive on social media

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