By focusing on both your physical features and your true identity, this consultation uncovers your perfect colors so you can establish your authentic style and reach the next level of success. Our True Essence Color Consultation generates a custom color palette that includes:

  • Your Color Basics: reveals the essentials of your unique color story
  • Contrast Analysis: discovers the contrasting patterns and outfit hue combinations.
  • Inherent Color Analysis: will help you discover how to pair your contrasting colors with your quality attributes and characteristics.
  • Best Neutrals Analysis: detects your specific neutrals so you don’t make the most common wardrobe mistakes.
  • Your Power Color: pinpoints your power hue and how to use it strategically in your outfits for maximum impact.

Your True Essence Color Consultation also features:

  • Shoppable Board: 3 styling recommendations each for your Best Neutrals and Power Color that enable you to add your best colors to your wardrobe.
  • Everyday Hair and Makeup Consultations with Our Experts: 2 30-minute virtual consultations during which each expert will give you recommendations for balancing your hair, face, skin, and clothing colors in order to achieve the natural glow of your true essence every day.
  • BONUS: A Power Red color palette and a shoppable board with 3 styling recommendations.

Our True Essence Color Consultation is Yours for JUST:

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Expressing yourself within the confines of the corporate dress code can be exhausting. And finding your own way through the fashion jungle in order to get where you want to be in life can also be overwhelming.

Fortunately, you can overcome the struggle to create your authentic personal style by determining which colors look best on you. Wearing your contrasting and inherent colors that speak to who you are increases your confidence and equips you to achieve your goals in any environment. Because, as we know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The True Essence Color Consultation is especially effective at finding your ideal hues because it includes our complete Style Psychology exercise. This exercise focuses on the most essential parts of you in order to discover the many facets of your individuality. Together, you and Gigi will assemble a collection of flattering shades that align with your personality and lifestyle. These hues will empower you to manage your soul style and elevate your life when you wear them intentionally.

Our True Essence Color Consultation tells you which colors to choose when you want more from life. Clothed in your best colors, there’ll be no stopping you!

The True Essence Color Consultation Process

  1. Select and purchase the True Essence Color Consultation.
  2. Check your inbox for an email explaining the next steps and providing your Client Intake Form.
  3. Complete the Client Intake Form.
  4. Within 7-10 days after you complete your Client Intake Form, you’ll receive a link to schedule your 1-hour online session with Gigi. During this session, you’ll review your True Essence Color Palette.
  5. After your call with Gigi, you will receive your True Essence Color Palette PDF. This PDF is yours to keep!

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