Did you know the clothing industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution on earth? It’s true! The clothing industry has an addiction to fast fashion that’s steadily harming the planet. For this reason, sustainability in fashion was a trending topic before the pandemic began. But will it remain relevant as the pandemic continues and eventually ends?

Yes, definitely! In fact, sustainable fashion is as important as ever, in part because it can aid our recovery from the pandemic. But sustainable fashion is particularly valuable to you because it encourages you to plan for the future while embracing the power of style.

The Benefits of Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

Incorporating sustainability into your closet is advantageous for several reasons. When you focus on keeping your closet sustainable, you can:

  • Save money
  • Slow down your shopping
  • Develop a strong personal style
  • Perfect your signature look
  • Be comfortable in your clothes
  • Love every item you own
  • Help preserve the planet

Some Concerns for Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

Pursuing sustainability with your clothes is beneficial. But many people have several common concerns about adopting the practice. For example, one concern about committing to a sustainable wardrobe is that you’ll be wearing the same thing all the time. But don’t worry! A sustainable wardrobe can be very versatile and afford you countless outfit options. As your personal style coach, I can teach you how to fill your wardrobe with harmonizing pieces and enjoy playing with them all the time. 

The Process of Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

So, how can you make your closet more sustainable? Well, the good news is that even in the wake of the current fast-paced climate of instant gratification and quick cancellations, there is a method to good style and a theory for effective branding that you can follow. 

To dress sustainably, you simply need to understand what best colors and cuts fit your body type so you can refine and upgrade the items in your closet. To ensure that you’ll want to keep the clothes in your closet as long as possible, you should determine exactly who you are personally and how you want to interact with the world professionally. Paying attention to your personality and your lifestyle is critical for identifying your individual style.

The Process of Defining Your Authentic Style

Are you ready to begin the process of defining your style? 

All you need to do is arrange a style discovery session with me right now! I’ve got plenty of tips and tricks for curating the sustainable wardrobe that suits your personality and your lifestyle. And I can’t wait to share these principles of sustainable dressing with you. I’ll work with you to identify your authentic style and assemble a closet full of timeless pieces. 

Working with a sustainable wardrobe is rewarding for you and for the rest of the world. 

To set up your one-on-one appointment with me today, just find a time that works for you on my calendar. Then, schedule your consultation!