Are you stuck in a style rut? Are you uninspired by your look? Do you feel more comfortable in your pajamas than in any of your clothes?

Our Style Psychology Transformation Bundle helps you revitalize your look by bundling our best services to include the following:

When you purchase our Style Psychology Transformation Bundle you get the Color Basics Analysis FREE.

Just what you need to update your best colors, clothing cuts, and closet essentials.

Our Style Psychology Transformation Bundle is YOURS for just:

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Our specially curated bundle starts with our Color Basics Analysis, which identifies the fundamental shades of your unique color story so that you can wear your best colors every day and achieve color harmony with your clothes.

Then, we move onto our Body Silhouette Style Guide. This resource reviews your measurements in order to reveal the distinctive lines, shapes, proportions, and scale of your body. We then present you with examples of the skirt, pants, jacket, and coat cuts that will fit you perfectly.

Finally, we carry out our Closet Cleanse. During this process, you will start to see your unique style psychology. Next, we comb through your closet to determine what piece stays based on how well it aligns with your unique style psychology. Then, we equip you with a strategic shopping plan so that you know how to incorporate new pieces that will fit effortlessly with your newly curated closet.

In the end, you’ll have a fresh outlook on your style and an effective approach to looking and feeling fabulous.

Thanks to our Style Transformation Series, you can see just how powerful a transformation can be!

The Style Psychology Transformation Bundle Process:

  1. Select and purchase the Style Psychology Transformation Bundle.
  2. Check your inbox for an email explaining the next steps and your Client Intake Form.
  3. Complete the Client Intake Form.
  4. Within 7-10 days after you complete your Client Intake form, you’ll receive a link to schedule your first online session with Gigi. During this session, you’ll review your Color Basics color palette.
  5. After you receive your Color Basics color palette, you’ll schedule your next call with Gigi. During this call, you’ll receive and discuss your Body Silhouette Style Guide.
  6. Finally, you’ll schedule your Closet Cleanse with Gigi.
  7. After your Closet Cleanse, you’ll receive your Strategic Shopping Action Plan.

Get your Style Psychology Transformation Bundle now!

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