Confidence is a mindset that breeds success.

It is a feeling and style is your unique signature to the world.

Confident people learn how to master the landscape around them day-after-day

while mastering the art of being authentic, approachable and intentional.

Personal Branding


Confident-Style is about how we uniquely move in the world and how we choose to communicate our, creativity, individuality, and self-expression.

Personal Style Confidence is a carefully curated balanced harmony and rhythm combination designed by the true you by identifying your special skills, experience, and personality making up the true you from the inside-out.

Kamisol Style Consultancy teaches you how to unlock your personal formula, by teaching you how to foundation build, for your lifestyle, your personality, to create an effortless, and sustainable style that will evolve and grow with on any budget.


Professional Branding


Professional Branding is communicating your specialty and what you are known for as a business owner or company with a goal to draw new customers while increasing your audience. Kamisol Style Consultancy helps our clients capture their unique brand essence with a goal to excite, engage and increase performance for business.

We do this by working with business owners or H.R. Leaders to help design, and communicate company standards via our professional development programs.


Single Coaching Session

Everyday style

This package includes a pre-assessment online questionnaire, a 60 minute 1-on-1 video coaching session via ZOOM and a post email wrap up and a to align your personal style persona – $125.00

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For Business

We work closely with human resource to communicate and align office culture and values with written dress code policies to maximize personal presence and professional impact.

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Private Events

the new you

Grab (8) of your girlfriends and make it an evening filled with confident mindset, body and color assessments paired with your favorite sips and conversations for only $70 per person!

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Schools and Universities


You did it!  After graduation it seems that getting toe in the door (let alone foot) is pretty hard today. Learning how to differentiate your personalty, skills , strengths and passion is a job and empolyers have more ways to find out who you are – let us help you brand your future early.


Virtual Group Courses

School of Style

Join us for our single sessions, mini series or full online courses to help you increase your confident style day to day.  No matter your profession let your wardrobe work for you in 10 minutes on less everyday.  We will cover style of the mind, body typing, the importance if color, sustainability, wardrobe smarts and so much more.  Our webinars will help you dig deep and speak your life and style without saying a word.

Calendar to Courses

One on One Support

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Want to schedule a one on one fashion and style session with the fashion guru herself? Now you can! Click to schedule your appointment right now and select a day and time for your one on one meeting with Gigi.


Confident Style for woman on the go!


Let’s Talk Style

Your style matters because:

All of your non-verbal communications…how you stand, how you walk, how you sit and what you wear. People can see only what you show them; and more often than not, they are forming opinions about you based on what they see. So why not show them your best?

How style impacts your:

Credibility: Your Level of Believability

Likability: Emotionally expressive and how sociable you appear.

Personal Attractiveness: How well you present yourself.

Confidence: Ability, personal assurance and authority

Style is:

How we uniquely move in the world, and how we choose to communicate our, creativity, individuality, and self-expression day-to-day.

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