Who you are on the inside determines how you should present yourself on the outside.


Because the authenticity of your visual presence impacts your confidence and success.

Style is the visualization of your specific signature to the world. It’s the creative expression of your unique personality. And psychologists have proven that discovering your style is more important to improving quality of life than most people realize.

In fact, the right sense of style is the key to self-confidence. And you need confidence to live the life you want!

Establishing your style requires vulnerability, dedication, and growth. And in the end, you’ll be brave enough to take on anything. By learning how to be authentic, approachable, and intentional, you can navigate any environment, reach your goals, and handle every situation with care because you feel good.

Personal Branding


Your style communicates your individual beliefs, priorities, interests, and ideas. So, to ensure that your self-presentation is true to you, you must identify the combination of the skills, experiences, dreams, and personality type that is you.

Then, with this information, you can carefully curate a number of bold, elegant, sustainable, or colorful looks that will comprise your style. And once you’ve allowed the Kamisol team to show you how, you can continue to effortlessly design and grow your style no matter your budget.


Professional Branding


As a business owner or partner, you use your professional style to indicate to potential clients where your areas of expertise lie, how you can help people, and how effective your help is. Consequently, if your professional style demonstrates that you are capable and profitable, then your style will help you attract new customers and expand your business.

At Kamisol Style Consultancy, we apply our proven style psychology to reveal the unique essence of your brand and teach you how to exhibit that essence in order to excite and engage your target audience. To achieve this objective, we help business owners and H.R. heads to devise and publish pertinent company standards by completing our professional development workshops and trainings.


Single Coaching Sessions

Establish Your Everyday Style

This package encompasses completing our pre-assessment questionnaire, meeting for a 60-minute one-on-one video coaching session via Zoom, and receiving a wrap-up email that summarizes your personal style persona.

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Corporate Styling Sessions

Form a Vision for Your Business

In this package, we work with your human resources department to conceptualize your business values and preferred office culture. Then, we align this information with written dress code policies to maximize the personal presence and professional impact of each employee.

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Private Group Sessions

Become the New You

This package gives you and 8 of your best friends the chance to enjoy a super fun evening together as you adopt a confident mindset, assess the best colors and shapes for your bodies, sip your favorite adult beverages, and talk to your hearts’ content.

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Graduate Styling Sessions

Get Motivated to Move On

Because stepping off campus and getting your foot in the door is easier said than done these days, this package teaches graduates how to showcase their distinctive characters, skills, strengths, and passions via their style in a way that enchants employers.

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Virtual Group Courses

Enroll in the School of Style

With these packages, style class is in session! To educate you on how to use your style to increase your confidence day after day, we offer single sessions, miniseries, and full courses online. No matter your profession, you can compile a collection of clothes that prepare you for your day in 10 minutes or less. These courses cover our style psychology, body types, color choices, sustainability, smart dressing, and so much more. During these webinars, you’ll take a deep dive into yourself and learn how to share who you are without saying a word.

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Expert Style Consultation

Learn from the Best

This package is the ultimate style experience: a one-on-one fashion and style session with the fashion guru herself, Gigi. To score an exclusive meeting with Gigi, simply survey her calendar right now and select the time and day that work for you.

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You Really Can Dress for Success!


Our Style Psychology

You know it’s true: the way you present yourself affects who both you and others perceive you to be. So, to guarantee an accurate perception, you must define your style.

At Kamisol, we use our style psychology to help you through this process. The main tenet of this psychology is to know yourself inside and out by illuminating your style I.Q. and E.Q.

Your style E.Q. is your personality identification. It accounts for your personality type, background, beliefs, ambitions, emotional intelligence, confidence levels, and natural movements to categorize your style as either expressive, conscious, adventurous, or contemporary.

On the other hand, your style I.Q. is your lifestyle identification. It regards your vocational direction, career goals, daily agenda, and skill set to manage the expression of your style.

Once we’ve evaluated your style I.Q. and E.Q, we examine which colors, cuts, shapes, fabrics, fits, and accessories work best for you. Specifically, we find your F.L.O.W. style: your style for leisure or work.

Then, you have the look you need to be who you want to be with confidence. That’s the power of style!

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