Rich hues. Vibrant colors. Exquisite patterns. Flamboyant shapes. The handiwork of Nicteel by Owana Lima is exciting, expressive, and eye-catching. Nicteel crafts handmade clothing, bags, and accessories by “reinventing classics through artisanal techniques to create luxury pieces.” Kamisol Style Consultancy is thrilled to partner with Lima in order to support sustainable fashion and showcase this special brand. In honor of our partnership, we’re introducing you to Lima by exploring her vision, her inspiration, her goals, and her ethics for the industry. We’ll also highlight the Nicteel woman that Lima dresses and the sustainable practices that guide her production of timeless attire. 

Lima’s Vision, Inspiration, and Goals

Gigi and Owana Lima From Lima’s perspective, being a designer involves generating remarkable and exclusive pieces for different types of people. And that’s what she loves about it. What’s more, assembling stunning, distinctive aesthetics comes easily for Lima because she finds her inspiration in the dynamic culture of her beloved, beautiful country of Guatemala. Guatemala’s world-famous history and traditions serve as the comforting foundation for Lima’s clothing line.

Lima explains that Guatemalan textiles embody specific stories and purposes, while the colors demonstrate the diversity of the nation’s customs and countryside. Therefore, Lima views Nicteel as “taking to the world a small part of our culture, our history.” She also says that she wants to draw attention to the people who fabricate Guatemalan textiles so that the world will know their quality.  

Lima’s Ethics for the Industry

Waist ClutchLima not only has high standards for the quality and longevity of her clothing but for the people working in the fashion industry as well. She asserts, “People need to be ethical not only in a professional way, but also in their relationships with family, friends, and society.”

According to Lima, designers must be authentic while also holding their own ideas and collections accountable. They must ensure that the trajectory of their brands align with moral professionalism for the good of their employees, their clients, and their communities.  

Lima holds the fashion industry responsible for the health of the planet as well. She knows that clothing designers are influencers, so they have the chance to persuade others to adopt habits that care for the planet rather than destroy it.

For her part, Lima reuses fabrics and gives them a second life, constructs her pieces by hand, embellish them with natural materials, and doesn’t merge them with any kind of contaminants.

The Sustainable Nicteel Woman

Lima directs her lines toward the Nicteel woman, a passionate person who loves nature and Guatemalan culture. Specifically, she likes to stand out with unique pieces. Dressed in dramatic, durable fashions, the Nicteel woman is stylish, loving, happy, and hardworking. She confronts challenges on a daily basis and is empowered by possibility.

The Nicteel woman also believes in sustainability. Therefore, some of the ways in which Lima practices sustainability with her brand include employing Guatemalan women, paying fair salaries, recycling different pieces of fabrics, and creating wearable pieces that women can combine with clothes they already own. Lima also sells her pieces at a fair price so that everyone can have access to them.  

The Bright Future of Nicteel

Thanks to Lima’s innovative point of view and honorable business model, the Nicteel brand is definitely going places. The vivid elegance of the clothing is universally appealing, and the craftsmanship of the accessories is always valuable. Furthermore, the drive toward sustainability is taking the fashion world by storm, so Lima is already ahead of the game.

Kamisol loves everything about Nicteel and deeply values its commitment to its community, the environment, and its clientele. We encourage you to learn more about the brand and select a fabulous statement piece by visiting the Nicteel website, Facebook page, and Instagram page.