We are constantly coming in and out of challenging seasons in life. Currently, the world is enduring a number of difficulties, some of which have drastically altered how we conduct business and interact with others. For example, the pandemic has forced us to rely on virtual meetings and online communication more than ever.

Because people are resilient, we can experience good things when we get to the other side of these bad times. Specifically, if we take this opportunity to fine-tune ourselves now, we can accomplish our goals without further delay.

As a hardworking professional who knows where you want to go and what you want to accomplish, you can prepare to be prosperous in the next season of life by developing your personal brand.

Besides the confidence, competence, and passion you already possess, your personal brand is one of your most important tools for controlling your career and upgrading your position.

To perfect your personal brand, so you can thrive in this digital age, you must discover your authentic style.

Discovering your authentic style is more than just putting on different clothes. Instead, this process involves determining your best colors, your ideal clothing cuts, your dominant style type, your alter ego, your signature looks for work or leisure, and more. Honestly, it’s a complex undertaking!

But defining your true style is essential for achieving success. And the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. As your personal style coach, Gigi will walk you through every step.

We offer a host of image consulting services that meet you where you’re at and put you on the path to nailing your visual presence.

So, if you’re ready to improve today so you can excel tomorrow, we are ready to help you!

Style Steals and Deals

Where do you start when you are ready to build YOUR personal style or re-brand yourself? With these Style Steals and Deals!

We have curated a selection of quick image consulting services that ease you into the process of perfecting your personal brand. These Style Steals and Deals are just what you need to avoid feeling overwhelmed with shopping and dressing according to your style type!

Best Neutrals Color Analysis

Finish Every Look Flawlessly

How you manage even the smallest details of your looks can make or break the success of your style. And if your style isn’t working, your personal brand is suffering. But understanding which neutrals harmonize with your physical features ensures that you never pick the wrong accessories for an outfit again. Our Best Neutrals Color Analysis shows you which colorless shades you should always be wearing.


Power Red Color Analysis

Pull Off Eye-Catching Colors

When you need to make a positive impact on others, you want to have everything going for you, including your outfit. That’s why knowing which bold tones champion the colors you were born with and the skills you’ve mastered is crucial for coming across as strong, smart, and qualified. Our Power Red Color Analysis reveals which robust hues you must wear to get the attention you want.


Virtual Closet Emergency

Maintain Control of Your Closet

Sometimes, navigating your wardrobe can be a little scary. But when you’re in a fashion bind, you don’t have to break down because of your closet. Instead, you can use your personal style psychology to calmly clear away the clutter and create outfits that perfectly embody your signature style. Our Virtual Closet Emergency tells you exactly how to conquer your sartorial fears.


Comprehensive Styling Services

These expansive services infuse your unique physique, inherent colors, clothing designs, and signature style with impact. With these services, you can target the areas of your personal brand that need the most attention. Then, you’ll have the formula for knowing EXACTLY what your distinctive style archetype for leisure or work is.

Virtual Closet Cleanse

Refresh Your Closet with the Right Clothes

Does your closet feel less like an organized container for your clothes and more like a mass of mess and confusion? Are you more likely to get lost in mounds of hangers and unrecognizable garments than to assemble an appropriate, picturesque outfit? Struggling to keep your closet current and convenient is normal, but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

With a Kamisol Closet Cleanse, refining the old and incorporating the new into your wardrobe is easy and effortless.


Full Color Analysis Packages

Find Your Confidence-Boosting Colors

These days, if you want to stand out at work, you’ve got to wear colors that pop on the computer screen during a Zoom meeting. Even with most of your professional interactions happening online, personal branding is still important. One of the best ways to enhance your personal brand is by wearing your best colors.

With Kamisol’s Color Analysis Packages, you can discover the colors that speak to who you are and allow your natural undertones to shine through.


Body Silhouette Style Guide

Dress Your Stunning Body for Success

You can never feel fully confident in your visual presence if you’re uncomfortable in your clothes. What’s more, wearing clothes that don’t fit you well is just as detrimental to your personal brand as wearing clothes that don’t fit the occasion. For these reasons, familiarity with your body type is another crucial component of your persuasive and authentic personal style.

Identifying your body type is easy when you complete the process of getting your own Body Silhouette Style Guide.


Bundled Services

These special bundle services are curated with YOU in mind. With these services, you can target the areas of your personal brand that need the most attention. Then, you’ll have the formula for knowing EXACTLY what your distinctive style archetype for leisure or work is.

True Essence Program Bundle

Do You Know Your Perfect Color Combination?

Did you know? You can attain success just by sporting colors that accurately represent your authentic self. It’s that simple! But determining your ideal colors can be complicated. That’s why Gigi walks you through the process in our True Essence Color Consultation.

Using our Style Psychology exercise, this consultation discovers all your best colors in order to generate your custom color palette. It also provides Shoppable Boards and an Everyday Hair and Makeup Consultation.

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Core Confidence

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We are working diligently to curate better and more effective packages for you.

Style Psychology

Are You In A Style Rut?

A style rut is a destructive place to be. When we don’t look our best, we don’t feel our best. And when we don’t feel our best, we can’t do our best. And nobody wants that!

So, how do you break free? With a total transformation, of course!

Our Style Psychology Transformation includes our most essential styling services designed specifically for YOU in mind. These individual services, offered in this bundle, are aimed at helping you get your visual presence back on track.