Wardrobe Wednesday

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Having great style is about more than just owning nice clothes. Instead, style involves curating an effortlessly stunning look that fits your personality and flatters your body.
So, how can you improve your style? Through Kamisol Style Consultancy’s Wardrobe Wednesday interview series!
During our Wardrobe Wednesdays, Gigi will speak with clothing designers and fashion experts or share her own stylist secrets so that you can see how to embody amazing style.
Join us at the Kamisol Style Consultancy Facebook page on Wednesday to watch Gigi’s interview with Kara Allan and take your style to the next level!

Style by Kara Allan, LLC is a full-service Style and Image Consulting Firm that caters to individuals, groups, and corporations. The mission of the company is to inspire and educate clients about how they can look and feel their best. Clients are assured VIP treatment with an unmatched level of customer service. Looking current, stylish and polished is essential for everyone!