The Art of Kintsugi – Perfecting our Imperfections Workshop

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As a philosophy, kintsugi can be seen to have similarities to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect.

Kintsugi is all about: Renewal, Embracing, Soulful and Spiritual Journeying, to take up and own our perfect scars.

The Art of Kintsugi is a hundreds-year-old Japanese tradition and philosophy that teaches us the power of the WILD WOMON within.  It’s embracing the natural and taking back our who we are through a process of repair and the renewing of our minds, body, and souls.

Parchmama explains it as:

“Perfection, as it is portrayed in the Western media, is not perfection. There is no perfect love, no perfect beauty. But, without the presence of imperfections, the wonders of the world would not be so breathtaking.”

Kintsugi highlights the cracks in a piece of pottery, rather than hiding them, we should look at ourselves and the world at large and consider what we really want for the future.

Being aware of our broken pieces allows us to find a way to heal and renew the best parts of the said brokenness and create a more unique, more valuable, and more of a precious stance with resilence.

In this three-hour workshop, we will awaken our precious scars through the art of reparations to self.

We will learn how to:

Reflect and inspect the broken pieces in our mind and in the physical
We will refine and smooth out the rough edges to allow growth, wisdom, and understanding to flow during the mending process. Then we will repair and mend back the pieces that will help us utilize the psychological tools of Kintsugi and apply them for the future of our transformation and renewal.


You will walk away with the tool (aka – your assigned pottery) as a continuous reminder of the steps to take when situations arise to make us feel anxious, fearful or unbalanced.  By tapping into self, and embracing a soulful and spiritual practice aimed towards becoming our best and greatest selves through mindfulness and being in the present it serves as a visible and practical way of tapping into the art of our individual self-worth and understanding.

Join us for this signature workshop hosted by the iThriveSisterhood community today.  You can reserve the limited seat now in preparation for the new season on the horizon with a goal to light the way of our daily lives.

This workshop is lead by: Gigi McMillan and the iThriveSisterhood Community

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