Style It Out Sunday

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To look good and perform well externally, you have to care for yourself internally. All you need is a few moments every week to calm your mind, alleviate your stress, and find your joy. 

Style It Out Sunday is Kamisol Style Consultancy’s  interview series where you can spend time learning ways to make time for you!

Gigi will be interviewing experts in the fields of health, wellness, and beauty to discover their tips and routines that will empower you to nurture your spirit, grow your confidence, and express your authentic self. 

Join us at the Kamisol Style Consultancy Facebook page on Sundays to catch Gigi’s interview with Chauna Bryant and learn how to love yourself!

Chauna is a Breathwork Meditation guide and a Pilates Instructor. Originally from Southern California, she now resides in Southeast Washington DC. As an entrepreneur, student, and juggler of city life she understand the need to slow down and reset and also understands how hard it can be to quiet the mind and truly feel at home in your body. There is no such thing as a “bad meditator” if there is a will to grow, learn, and expand then give Breathwork a try!