closet cleanse services

The Closet Cleanse shows you how your current clothes can work for you and how to seamlessly integrate new pieces.

This virtual consultation takes the following steps to cleaning your closet:

  • Identify your personality and lifestyle
  • Determine your unique style psychology
  • Clear the clutter
  • Demonstrate your personal style direction
  • Identify what stays and what goes
  • Provide you with a Strategic Shopping Action Plan for shopping according to your unique style psychology

Our Closet Cleanse Is Yours for JUST:

The fashion world can be hard to navigate, as it seems like the trends change every five minutes. So, instead of trying to force your style to keep pace with the fleeting fashion world, you learn how to curate a wardrobe that flatters your figure and speaks to your lifestyle and who you are authentically!

You don’t have to start over, you just need to refresh your wardrobe with our exclusive Closet Cleanse!

We’ll delve into your closet and work through your current clothing items in order to determine what stays and what goes, essentially clearing the clutter in your closet. We’ll also explain how to effortlessly incorporate basic pieces with statement pieces. You can define your style and use that knowledge to wrangle all the disruptive pieces out of your closet so that you’re left with only the best pieces for you.

After your 3-hour virtual session, you’ll be able to easily mix, match, and pair items in your closet to create authentic, impactful looks. The most important part of purifying your closet is establishing your unique style psychology, and we’ll cover that right away. 

And with your personalized Strategic Action Plan, you can shop confidently and effectively creating a signature style that works well with your body type, personality and lifestyle.

So, if you feel clueless about how to put together a new wardrobe, we can fill in the blanks giving you with a fresh perspective. By identifying your cuts, colors and your designs you will know what best represents your authentic image and serves your lifestyle purpose.  At Kamisol, we have everything you need to build you a custom look and renew your style!

The Closet Cleanse Process

  1. Select and purchase the Closet Cleanse Virtual Consultation.
  2. Check your inbox for an email containing your Client Intake Form and explaining the next steps.
  3. Complete the Client Intake Form.
  4. Within 7-10 days after you complete your Client Intake Form, you’ll receive a link to schedule your Closet Cleanse.

Get your Closet Cleanse Virtual Consultation now!