Do you often feel uncomfortable in your clothes due to how they fit?

Are you constantly adjusting your tops or pants because of the way they pull or hang on your body?

Do you feel frumpy or awkward when you see yourself in the mirror?

Are you unsure of how to curate your wardrobe to express your authentic personal style within the boundaries of a business dress code?

With the Body Silhouette Style Guide, you can find clothes that form to your figure perfectly while empowering your persuasive style.

Our Body Silhouette Style Guide can be yours for just:

In today’s world, work as we know it has changed. We’re all adjusting to the sudden and undeniable significance of conducting corporate dealings from the comfort of our own homes.

But if we want to truly thrive, we must start showcasing ourselves more than anything else. Building your personal brand begins with determining how to dress your body type. What’s more, the first rule for your clothes is that they make you feel good. With a comprehensive understanding of which clothes compliment your body’s angles and curves, you can polish your visual presence and strengthen your personal brand.

Whether your body resembles an apple, pear, rectangle, triangle, or hourglass, you are beautiful inside and out. But if you don’t have an in-depth grasp of how clothes fit you, then your outfits could overwhelm or restrict you.

Get in tune with your body type using the Body Silhouette Style Guide. This guide helps you buy clothes that fit you better, make you feel amazing, and provide the look you’ve always wanted.

This virtual process of creating your Style Guide starts by collecting your measurements and a few of your selfies so you can see the lines, shapes, proportion, scale, texture, and distinctive features of your body. Then, we will assess and determine which of the six different body types is yours.  Lastly, the guide shows you examples of skirt, pants, jacket, and coat styles that will fit you well and balance out your proportions. As a result, you’ll learn which cuts you can buy off the rack and which pieces you should take to the tailor. this knowledge will empower you to stay poised and polished all day. As a result, whether you shop your closet and the rack, you’ll always be capable of creating a winning look!

Your Body Silhouette Style Guide will lead you through the fashion world to the right clothes for you. Then, you’ll be outfitted to establish your authentic personal style!

The Body Silhouette Style Guide Process

  1. Select and purchase the Body Silhouette Style Guide.
  2. Check your inbox for an email explaining the next steps and your Client Intake Form.
  3. Complete the Client Intake Form.
  4. Within 7-10 days after you complete your Client Intake form, you’ll receive a link to schedule your 1-hour online session with Gigi. During this session, you’ll review your Body Silhouette Style Guide.
  5. After your call with Gigi, you will receive your Body Silhouette Style Guide PDF. This PDF is yours to keep!

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