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Gigi McMillan


Gigi McMillan is the chief creative officer of Kamisol Style Consultancy, and Founder of Purple Runway. Gigi uses her background as a Director of Human Resources, Administration and Operations as a tool to help others find their own personal essence and place in the world. Gigi is the brand ambassador and creative strategist who teaches, entrepreneurs, individuals and small business owners the art of personal and visual branding. Gigi graduated from Sanford-Brown College where she received a degree in merchandising and visual branding.

Gigi is also an author who joined other women survivors to shared stories in the 2019 Amazon #1 Bestseller called “Crushed Diamonds Still Sparkle”.

Gigi loves the flow of fabric, the energy of color and the design elements of quality garments with sustainability at the forefront.

Gigi’s personal style journey was found through her own healing and self-awareness and birthed her unique “Soul-Style” system to help others feel great from the inside-out too.

This system takes you on a healing journey to increased self-confidence, and personal brand awareness day-to-day. Gigi believes in the power of harmony and flow by tapping into an effortless daily presence to ignite individuality, ingenuity, and authenticity.

Gigi’s editorial work has been seen in Modern Luxury DC and Modern Luxury Weddings, Grace Ormond, Simply Weddings and Munaluchi Bride, and her work has been highlighted on WUA9, Fox5 and WHUR radio and others.

Gigi, a wife, mother, and thriving survivor of domestic violence. She serves her community by highlighting survivors of intimate partner violence through the Purple Runway platform.

Purple Runway is a one-of-a-kind organization that sheds light on the reality of domestic abuse all the while empowering women around the nation to take control of their healing to live happier and healthier lives after trauma. For more information about Purple Runway, please visit

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