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Dress YOUR Style (INSIDE)

Four in five men (80.7%) are concerned about flaws. Likewise, 75% of women perceive flaws and imperfections as unnecessary stress and anxiety. (theguardian)

Kamisol Style Consultancy, Inc. (KSC) specializes in inside-out style.  A team of experts are on hand to help increase self-confidence through a detailed client assessment that pinpoints a personal style temperature.  In turn, our client’s self-assurance is increase simply through the power of color, cut and fabrics.

Dress Your Style

Inside-Out Style

Have you ever stepped into your closet thinking “I have nothing to wear” or found yourself changing outfits excessively because you are not “feeling it”?

Do you lack creativity when pairing your clothing?

Do you feel there is a lack of synergy or even creativity in your closet?

Or, does your closet look like a black out?

If so, you are in a style rut, but the good news is our style experts here at KSC can teach you how to incorporate trends, patterns and colors coupled with the best cuts and fabrics your budget will allow that will increase confidence and making getting dressed effortless daily.

An Essential Consultation

KSC’s, from fashion to style begins with a brief questionnaire that allows our style professionals have the know-how and expertise needed to tap into one’s true and authentic persona within minutes!

Our 30 minute 1-on-1 session phone consultation helps us identify your inner essence which defines your personal beauty. Likewise, the style analysis  is the core tool that serves as the foundation of your customized palette, cuts and fabrics.

No matter the goal we can work with existing wardrobe items while adding core pieces that works with most budgets. Our wonderful experts have the know-how to move our clients from fashion to style overtime.  Remember, this is a journey of inner beauty that expresses our outer beauty which means it is a steady race that will evoke positive change day after day.

Wardrobe Rehab: Virtual Style

All in the comfort of your own home: With new topics launching each week, access exclusive webinars from your personal style strategist on how to identify your personal style, how to build a capsule wardrobe, style tips and more! Receive a customized style assessment workbook.

Virtual Style Service:

Minimalist Style Session:

Introductory Offer – $309.00 Value – $497.00

This one-on-one minimalist virtual session is customized to suit your individual personal style needs and budget.

Our KSC team will help you identify the top 24 articles of clothing that will cultivate a perfectly manicured and cross functional wardrobe.

In addition, the minimalist package is great for those individuals who are interested in quality over quantity and you cannot go wrong with handpicked items that serve as cross-functional looks that align with business and social settings.

Additional Perks:

Style workbook;

1.5 hour google hangout session to review current wardrobe gems we can build on;

Written recommendation and direct links to online stores with a guarantee of best pricing options.

Look-book with pairing samples and how to achieve them for various occasions.

Automatic member of  the Facebook Page for up-to-date style, trend and accessory tips.

On-call support for 15 days after completed session


Virtual Style Workshops:

Introductory Offer – $109.00 (Special pricing limited time only) Value – $699.00

Embrace your authentic style and becoming a member of the KSC community!

During our strategically structured and exclusive virtual workshops we will teach you everything you need to know in order to pinpoint and curate your personal style.

Tap into:

Inside-Out Style

How to “Organize” and renew your effortless style

The “Cut” that will change your life!

All about effortless “Color”

Happiness is in the “Fabric”

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

Dressing your “Body”

Strategic (CPW) Shopping


Automatic membership to our Authentic YOU FB group

On call support for 30 days

Personalized color swatch

5% discount on selected designers at the online boutique

and so much more…

In-Person Personal Shopping Support

Enjoy shopping excursions with your personal stylist for items that flatter your body type and personal style.

Receive exclusive freebies and additional discounts on For The Love of Style, FTLOS, merchandise as a VIP member.

  • Dressing your body type can be tricky however once we know how it can help shape our style forever more.  Understanding your body type takes the guesswork out of what looks good on you and what will flatter your shape in the most ideal way.


  • You will learn to:
  • Identify your personal style and cuts
  • Select the best fabrics on a moderate budget
  • How to shop with cost per wear in mind
  • much more…



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