Dr. Hans ML Spiegel

Kamisol Consultancy is outstanding! Gigi McMillan is not only a caring professional, who through her vision and impeccable sense for style as a representation of beauty and personality has very successfully mentored some outstanding models, who I had the privilege working with as a photographer, but she has also an exceptional commitment to the community, which is reflected in her support for many causes by raising awareness for women marginalized by gender based and domestic violence and for all those who have to struggle with cancer, just to name a few. Gigi McMillan through her professional network which includes talented artists, is able to place the fashion industry and it's important role firmly in perspective with today's vibrant but so often conflicted aspects of society. Under her leadership, Kamisol Consultancy has evolved as a force for innovation, personal creative development, and the common social good, the Tri-State does not want to miss! I give Gigi McMillan and the Kamisol Style Consultancy my enthusiastic endorsement!

Laura Angelica Valdes Borsum

I've known Gigi ever since my daughter Anhelika who is a professional model, walked for Gigi's Purple Runway fashion show October 2016, a spectacular event she is the founder of, that raises awareness about domestic violence towards women. We fell instantly in love with Gigi's generous, passionate, and caring heart for others that are in need of help. After Purple Runway my daughter and I have continued to work with Gigi's brand development projects in various photo shoots. The most recent shoot was for La Aronet and I was impressed to see Gigi's unstoppable devotion to her work as she trekked through the heat, climbed up the rocks and into the waterfalls with the models to direct every part of this beautiful shoot. This lady is definitely not only directing behind the scenes! I've observed her through social media as she develops the brand names of her clients with seemingly effortless and instant success. I don't know how she gets all the energy to do it all do perfectly, but she achieves close to instant results every single time. I'm looking forward to seeing her newest projects develop and really excited for what the next Purple Runway holds, which will be a big one coming in 2018.

Devin FlyGuy Ricks

Kamisol Style Consultancy is an overall imaging (branding) platform that I'm happy to have cross paths with. My experience with the company has been great! They really have an eye for what is hot and trendy in today's new wave of things and the owner Gigi McMillan goes over and beyond for her clients. For Devin J. Ricks Productions, she has broaden my clientele by using my skill set at great events such as NYFW (FGNYFW), Awareness based content, among other things. She also opened my eye to going in and re-building my website. The new ideas (designs) and content I placed on my website is way better than I expected it to look. Working with this company and them giving me constructive feedback has been amazing. If you have the time, check out my new site at under the "Devin J. Ricks Productions" page along with the write up For The Love Of Style Magazine did on me earlier this year. The article can be found on my website under the "Whats New" tab. Contact #KamisolStyleConsultancy for your brand consultation. You will not be disappointed! 🙂

April Boyd Graves

Kamisol Consultancy has supported, encouraged and given direction in my daughters career as model, and businesswoman. Through there experience in the industry, I have learned a lot about the do's and don'ts. I remember when Serenity first went on a model call 3 years ago. She didn't know much about modeling. She was just interested. Today, She reflects on what She has learned and knows the direction she wants to go to further her career thanks to Kamisol Style Consultancy.

Jodie Reyes

EXCEPTIONAL! The brain behind the brand Kamisole Style Consultancy, Gigi McMillan, is such a fantastic business lady to work with. From the first conversation we had, to the ongoing growth in our professional relationship, my experience working together has been exceptional! The quality opportunities brought to life, paired with the fun driven purposeful working environment, Kamisole Style & her affliates are UNQUESTIONABLY setting the bar, breaking heights, already saturating beyond our High Fashion industry, internationally. A first-hand experience shows it best; i look forward to much more in store!! I highly recommend Kamisole Style Consultancy!

Lawrence Clothiers

We feel honored to be partnering up with kamisol style Consultancy 4 times in last 3 years, we have done amazing things together. Kamisol has what it takes to get things Done. Amazing team, Gigi is one strong movtivated personality. We have and will always be fully committed to work with kamisol style. If you need help to improve your business and looking for some help that make difference contact them believe me they won't let u down.

Christoph Jenkins

Top notch! Gigi and the entire Kamisol team exudes excellence! Absolutely recommend!

Tim Stine

Branding at it's best. Kamisol Style Consultancy. The name speaks for itself!

C D Thompson

Kamisol provided such a great platform for us to perform for Team MarcelaCruzmusic

Barry Miller

Kamisol Style Consultancy showed me that Branding and Marketing are key vital components in this music business of ours right along with saving me hours and hours of time spent advertising in the wrong spectrum of social media.The Knowledge i have gained will be applyed garnering im sure successful results..

Kendra McMurray

Gigi is a detail-oriented self-starter. She's always on the go and thrives in a high energy environment. She exudes a passion for excellence and client service, always following projects through to the very end. I'm excited to have had the opportunity to see her in action!

Tiffany Dowe

...Gigi's professionalism and mentorship have aided me in my professional career since 2004 and I appreciate everything that she has done for me.

Steve Jenkins

Gigi is a very detailed oriented HR director and has incredible instincts. She is able to anticipate potential issues well before they become problems. She acts quickly and thoughtfully and produces very high-quality work. I am grateful to have had the chance to work with her.

Danielle Bryan

Gigi is a great leader who emphasizes the importance of follow-through and the ability to meet deadlines. She is a team player and is always willing to lend a hand.

Damon Thompson

Gigi is mission-focused, results-oriented, efficient and very well-organized. She knows how to make things happen, and does so with grace and charm!

Carmella Melton

Gigi is a talented professional with high integrity and passion for helping others succeed. She is a great consultant and has provided me with valuable tips and advice to take my career to the next level. Gigi is very caring for her customers and puts their needs first. I would highly recommend Gigi for her poise, attention to detail and high level of expertise. She would be a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their personal brand.

Mao Macrina

I love your writing very so much! I require a specialist on this space to solve my problem. Maybe that is you!

Sherrie Williams

What a BEAUTIFUL day! Hanging with my boo! Gigi McMillan, I am STILL loving my beautiful necklace I purchased from your amazing boutique Kamisol!

Lawrence Clothiers

A Great Vision & Collaboration One day I was working at Our Store and this man showed up Greg Puhl and said he want me to meet someone and she walked in next Day Gigi McMillanand we discussed a VISION that has became huge and from that day we have Rocked every Step we have taken together. We Can never Thank Enough. From the Day 1 Its been a strong COLLABORATION Lawrence Clothiers and Kamisol proud to have SUCH A GREAT team Representing Our Store.

Tina Collazo

Loving the furs at the Saks 5th Ave Fashion Show with Gigi McMillan! I'm in love with this deep blue fur!

Jodie Reyes

Another phenomenally fabulous experience, thank you Kamisol Style Consultancy & Saks Fifth Avenue for inviting me to be part of your exclusive fashion in-store showcase from modeling the luxurious high-fashion furs of The Fur Salon, to tasting the delicious organic Edelheiss Wine brought by founder Mr. Rodney Foster himself, to the exhilarating experience in networking with quality like-minded individuals in one evening; I absolutely enjoyed myself and am humbled to join you again after a great success on the #PurpleRunway. #DomesticViolenceAwareness is such a beautiful vehicle to share compassion, in the midst of high fashion. I live for this, and am looking forward to next time. Thank you all, and thank you Tag TheShooter for these awesome photos!

Lisa Kratz-Thomas

My hugest praise to your talent!! Put me in an outfit so unique and beautiful, just like you!!! You are about your work my friend!!!!!

Terense Kemp

I was planning a surprise weekend trip for my anniversary. The problem I faced was how to get my wife to pack clothes for Puerto Rico when she thought we were going on a business trip to Philadelphia. So since my wife always talked about Kamisol and how she likes a lot of the outfits they post on Facebook, I got in contact with Gigi. I got all my wifes sizes and explained to her the plans. From there we set a budget ...and Gigi took it from there. She updated me frequently with pictures and gave suggestions throughout the entire process.Working with Gigi on my wifes surprise weekend was amazing! She took extra care with finding the right clothes for the caribbean trip. Everything from the shoes, accessories, shorts, dresses, and every and anything else that was needed for my wife to have all the clothes for the 4 days.The surprise went off without a hitch because of the efforts and expertise of Gigi. She even went the extra mile to record a video for my wife could watch so that she would know exactly how to wear each and every outfit!Excellent service! ..Extremely knowledgeable about style and fashion! ...Great communication!!! I will definitely work with her again!!

Terry Beatley

My personal endorsement for your outstanding skill in style consultation. I learned so much yesterday that will help in my personal and professional life concerning attire and what makes me feel good about "me." You have a natural gift and I gladly endorse your mastery of style and communication. No go grow that business - most everyone needs you!!

Doris Brown

I was in attendance at Code Next Generation's monthly meeting and I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to confidence. I didn't realize how much confidence I lacked until you explained to us what it really is. I reconsidered the way I dressed myself. I would always choose clothes that I saw on others, but I failed to comprehend that not all clothes look right on me. I discovered my body type, an inverted triangle, and I am now designing my own clothes and shopping for clothing that fits ME. Thank you for everything you do. I admire you. I was also there when you spoke about Honduras and it really moved me. It changed the way I looked at life and the things I take for granted.

Carmella Blakney Melton

Thank you so much for your insightful organization tip. Before my scarves were all over the place. Now they are neat and visible and I can easily find the right one to make my outfit sizzle!

Antionette Lee

At the beginning of the year, I felt it was high time to tackle the project of organizing my walk-in closet. It had become not only a place for my clothes, shoes, scarves and accessories but also I had designated a portion of the closet to my makeup and nail polish collection, and it had become OUT OF CONTROL. I reached out to Kamisol Imaging & Accessories - fine-tuning your personal style for some guidance and tips to help me get it together, and through a series of online consultations I was able to streamline my closet, purge the things I didn't need and set up a very organized system for my clothes, makeup etc. that I still use today. I highly recommend their services and I'm so happy with the way my closet turned out!

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