Torry T-Wiggs

Greetings to all who will take a moment to read this. I want to share my recent experience with the good folks at Kamisol Style Consultancy, specifically Gigi McMillan.

I signed up with Kamisol Style Consultancy to propel my fashion company off of the ground. Gigi’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of the industry, along with her established connections, proved immediately fruitful. Within a few months, Gigi and her staff were able to arrange and facilitate conversations with designers and fashion artists deeply entrenched in the world of fashion helping to place my company on a definitive path to success. Based on my observation, Kamisol Style Consultancy works aggressively om behalf of their clients while always keeping their well=being and vision a top priority. Thank you, Kamisol Style Consultancy, for your dedication and professionalism.

Ahmir-Nasir Apparel LLC



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