Laura Angelica Valdes Borsum

Laura Angelica Valdez Borsum

I’ve known Gigi ever since my daughter Anhelika who is a professional model, walked for Gigi’s Purple Runway fashion show October 2016, a spectacular event she is the founder of, that raises awareness about domestic violence towards women. We fell instantly in love with Gigi’s generous, passionate, and caring heart for others that are in need of help. After Purple Runway my daughter and I have continued to work with Gigi’s brand development projects in various photo shoots. The most recent shoot was for La Aronet and I was impressed to see Gigi’s unstoppable devotion to her work as she trekked through the heat, climbed up the rocks and into the waterfalls with the models to direct every part of this beautiful shoot. This lady is definitely not only directing behind the scenes! I’ve observed her through social media as she develops the brand names of her clients with seemingly effortless and instant success. I don’t know how she gets all the energy to do it all do perfectly, but she achieves close to instant results every single time. I’m looking forward to seeing her newest projects develop and really excited for what the next Purple Runway holds, which will be a big one coming in 2018.



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