Karen Kenney

Karen Kenney

I’ve been called a lot of things in this lifetime and “fashionista” is definitely NOT one of them! HA! As a tomboy & full-time yoga teacher living in the flippin’ woods of cold ass NH for the past 18 years – my wardrobe consists of Levi’s, Chuck Taylors, hoodies and about 50 pairs of yoga pants! But someday in the future (fingers crossed), when I’m speaking at an extra cool gig or out on my Wicked Hard book tour – I might need to actually have some “adult clothes” and “outfits” that I can wear. I like to set the intention that I’m going places, let my Spiritual Team know that we’ve got some work to do in the world. And so with that in mind, I had myself a fun and enlightening conversation with with my super talented friend/sister Gigi McMillan of Kamisol Style Consultancy! Gigi is knowledgable, down to earth, and GETS what makes your style YOU! The best part was hearing how I could keep the elements I love that best express me – while at the same time turning up the vision! I now have a sense of and name for my own STYLE – so when the time comes to stretch into these big areas in my life – I’ll be ready! Gigi McMillan offers “Personal Life Style Branding” consultations and packages and can help you find the best colors and cuts for your particular body type! They say you’ve only got 7 seconds to make an impression…. make it an authentic one that reflects that Inner Beauty.  



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