Dr. Hans ML Spiegel

Dr Hans Spiegel

Kamisol Consultancy is outstanding! Gigi McMillan is not only a caring professional, who through her vision and impeccable sense for style as a representation of beauty and personality has very successfully mentored some outstanding models, who I had the privilege working with as a photographer, but she has also an exceptional commitment to the community, which is reflected in her support for many causes by raising awareness for women marginalized by gender based and domestic violence and for all those who have to struggle with cancer, just to name a few. Gigi McMillan through her professional network which includes talented artists, is able to place the fashion industry and it’s important role firmly in perspective with today’s vibrant but so often conflicted aspects of society. Under her leadership, Kamisol Consultancy has evolved as a force for innovation, personal creative development, and the common social good, the Tri-State does not want to miss! I give Gigi McMillan and the Kamisol Style Consultancy my enthusiastic endorsement!



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